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'Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.'

Albert Einstein

Hi I'm Angela,
My passion for helping people discover the magic of art started with a personal experience at age 39. I had moved across the continent and didn't know anyone. I saw an ad for a painting class, felt drawn to have a go and signed up on the spot. I had never painted before. Little did I know this decision would significantly change the trajectory of my life. Early on I became aware of an inner drive to paint what I needed to express rather than to follow rules to create a visually pleasing artwork. It felt amazing and helped me process some deep personal issues. I knew I had discovered something meaningful and exciting. I felt like my soul had been stirred. This led me to embark on a Master of Creative Arts Therapies degree which I completed in 2022. 

I developed the Intuitive Painting process to share the sense of freedom and spontaneity I enjoy so much when I paint. I have delivered it as weekly classes, a luxury retreat, one and two day workshops, outdoor excursions and even to 49 women at a festival. Witnessing the surprise and enjoyment of participants is deeply rewarding and I am grateful to be part of the process of others.
The Magic Brush Art Experiences is a celebration of all that I have achieved both personally and professionally. Having a break from judgement is a rare and special experience that everyone deserves and can benefit from. I'd love to share the Intuitive Painting process with you! Please scroll down for more info.

Angela Allen AThR.


Intuitive Painting Workshops

Be surprised and delighted at what you create in this colourful journey of self discovery!

Allow yourself to enjoy putting paint on paper without regard for the end result. You don't need experience or 'talent', just come with an open mind and a willingness to enjoy some meditative me time. With gentle guidance you will work on a large sheet of paper and have a lovely big image to take home that you will feel connected to on a deep level.

The process is easy to follow and you will be amazed at what you can do!

All materials are provided.

Click the 'ticket info' button below to book.


Immerse yourself in relaxation and creativity in a cosy environment at this two night retreat. There will be plenty of facilitated creative workshops, delicious food as well as ample time to just unwind and enjoy the surroundings in beautiful Dwellingup.
Check back for updates about retreats.



Creative Retreat

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